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  • Thirunavukarasu Adalarasan

    It is like travel with family, like with brother and uncle, such a nice people. That makes big different during the travelling, who always care about you, look after you, sleep later than you, wake up earlier and wait for you. Brother Indra, who  make sure get good tea house to stay during trekking even in uphill he goes up faster and get tea house with good view over the mountain range, while mike mama always stay behind us follow us. Special thing about mike (Michael) mama is, when mike mama around, always good food to eat.  He is very experienced person on the trekking route, who knows where to get taste food for hungry trekkers. Every tea house our groups eat more than any other group during trekking. Happy - laughing J Cheers :-)
  • Sabrina Chen

  • Beatrice & Nicholas

    We have an amazing guide, Mr. Puskar Lama (Tamang), who is only 23 years of age but have already done hundreds of treks. Interacting with him daily only reminds me how people across cultures are more similar than different. He is dressed in Zara clothes, Nike shoes and messages quickly on his iPhone5 (imported from the UK from his gurkha friends) in impeccable English, despite being born and bred in Nepal mountains. He is super active on Facebook, Wechat and all sorts of social media platforms, even though he spent his childhood working off the farms in rural Nepal villages. It is amazing how technology has become such an equalizer, and helped us connect seamlessly across geographies. I also learnt not to make assumptions – speaking to a very ethnic traditional Mongolian tribe lady who lived in the Ghorepani village in the mountains for most of her life, I learnt that both their sons are in Europe and she skypes with them often. So much for my pre-conception that there is no internet or wifi in the mountains! I love how Nepalese mostly speak good English, it helps me to interact, understand and appreciate their culture so deeply. We started the city tour with another guide, Mr Nabin, who is softspoken and knowledgeable.
  • Mark Lee & Family

    Last week, i just came back from a wonderful trip to Nepal with my wife and 2 children, aged six and five. We started the trip with sightseeing at Kathmandu, the Capital of Nepal. Thereafter we proceeded to Sarangkot to see snowcapped mountains! The views of the sunset and sunrise at Sarangkot totally blown us away. When the first ray of sunlight lit up the horizon, moments of serenity made me feel that this trip was worth it. We visited Pokhara soon after where we were greeted with friendly shopkeepers who played with our children while we shopped at ease. Nepal is one of the rare places we found that embraces us with love for our children. :)
    In the days to come, we started our volunteer work with the orphanage at Kathmandu to setup the library and also to play games with orphans of various age groups. It was an eye-opening experience for the entire family. Being with the children of the orphanage added further meaning to the already fulfilling trip. We found that this journey to Nepal was a worthwhile and enriching experience. Children learned so much more when they experienced things themselves.
    The entire experience of the Nepal trip that we went together with the children, where we visited the beautiful places, and thereafter followed by the volunteerism at the orphanage, was so fantastic that I wrote about it when I attended a course shortly after the trip and that caught my lecturer's attention.
    I shared with her that the trip has changed some of my perspectives and also told her that it was really an eye-opener for the entire family, especially for the children.
    I told her that I had wonderful people like you (Puskar and Manohar) as our guides and she was comforted that if she and her hubby are going for a trip (next year), you would do the necessary arrangements.
    My daughter has drawn a Mount Machhapuchchhre "Fish tail" mountain especially for you guys. Thank you
    Mark Lee & Family, From Singapore
  • Seng Chin Keat & Family

    We are really happy to have engaged Golden Himalayan with our recent trip to Nepal. We engaged them for Poon Hill Trekking and eventually we even engaged them for the rest of our days in Nepal! I would like to express my greatest gratitude to Puskar who has been a wonderful guide throughout. We had some hiccups with our hotel bookings that we booked through Agoda and he went all the way to help us to solve it to ensure that we have a place to stay. I brought along my parents of around 60 years old with us during the Poon Hill trek and he did more than just a guide would do to take extreme good care of my parents. In short, there's no words that could describe our gratefulness to this good company!!!